Prescription Error: Need a Lawyer?

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Medical mistakes can be dangerous for patients.  Prescription errors are medical mistakes that occur when a patient is provided the wrong prescription due to the negligence of a doctor, pharmacist, or hospital.

Identifying a Prescription Error and Next Steps

Once a prescription error is identified you should seek immediate medical attention so that the effects of the wrong prescription can be reversed, if possible. 

Unfortunately, many victims of pharmacy malpractice suffer significant damages and some never fully recover from prescription errors.  Anyone who has sustained serious injuries from pharmacy malpractice, or their survivors, should consult with a prescription error lawyer.  A prescription error lawyer can evaluate the legal claim, file a lawsuit and help the victim recover damages.

Filing a Prescription Error Lawsuit

A prescription error lawsuit begins when a prescription error lawyer files a complaint in court alleging and identifying prescription error liability from that a doctor, pharmacy, or hospital made a prescription error that caused significant damages.   If the victim died from the injuries then a wrongful death claim will be filed. The parties may settle the claim at anytime.  If they do not reach a settlement, then the case will go to trial and a verdict will be reached regarding the plaintiff’s damages.

Damages may include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other expenses incurred because of the prescription error.  The damages are often higher in a wrongful death claim.  For example, a verdict or $25.8 million was returned against Walgreens for giving 10 mg Tamoxifen pills, rather than 1 mg pills, to a breast cancer patient.  A $2.6 million verdict was also reached against physicians and a pharmacy for a prescription error that killed a 36 year old man.  It is important to speak with your own prescription error lawyer to determine possible damages for your injuries.