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Spotlight on Product Liability

March 2019

product liability cases

Product Liability Claims

Product Liability Law governs the civil process for compensating consumers injured by dangerous or defective products. Many people are unaware that there is an entire section of law devoted to outlining how manufacturers and product companies are held responsible for any damage caused by the goods they sell.

What Makes a Product Liability Case?

There are three parts to a negligence claim. First you have to show that the maker of the product had a duty to there customers. This is the easy part, because anyone selling products or services to the public has a duty to not injure them...

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How is a Consumer involved with Product Liability?

Products you purchase from any retail store, wholesaler, supermarkets, or even specialty outlets are all manufactured with an implicit guarantee that the purchased product is not defective.

An individual person who has been loaned or given a defective or negligent product can also file for product liability claims.

A product liability lawyer can help assist you when a product causes personal injury or even damages to your property by assessing the personal injury and damage done by the negligent or defective product and in due time estimate a compensatory sum. Afterward the lawyer will file a claim against the manufacture, or entities responsible for the flaw in the product, to hold accountable for the injuries or damages incurred.

Product liability lawyers will gather proof significant enough to illustrate that the product was certainly defective and present the facts in court. What are some of the key areas related to product liability?

There are several types of categories designated for defective products, which can result in product liability claims.

Below is a list of common defective products that have potential for high injury occurrences:

  • (Edible products, Foods from outside sources such as a grocery store and fast foods)
  • Foods from Grocery Stores, Fast Foods and Edible Products
  • (Cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara, lipstick etc.
  • Baby Strollers, Baby Feeding Bottles
  • Automobiles and Automobile Products (including Auto Recalls, Tires, Car Seats, Safety Belts Seats, Brakes etc.)
  • Children's Toys, Children Swings, Bikes, Sporting Goods
  • Medicines (Pharmaceuticals, Over-The-Counter, Prescriptions, Diet Pills, Homeopathic Solutions, etc.)