Propulsid Side Effects and Lawsuits

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propulsid, which has also been known as Prepulsid and Cisapride, is a drug that was once utilized in the treatment of persons suffering from chronic gastroesophageal reflux disease, as well other gastrointestinal conditions, such as constipation.  In light of numerous complaints against the drug, the FDA advised all medical professionals and patients to cease using the Propulsid, and in turn, Propulsid was voluntarily pulled from the U.S. pharmaceutical market in July of 2000.  Today, Cisapride, otherwise marketed as Propulsid, is only allowed for use by veterinarians for use in animals. 

Risks and Symptoms of Propulsid

Propulsid initially came under scrutiny by the medical community for increased prevalence of Long QT Syndrome, or LQTS, which is a hazardous heart defect causing potentially life-threatening heartbeat arrhythmias.  Additionally, huge lists of common medications are known to detrimentally interact with Propulsid, causing potentially lethal heart damage.

Initially, Janssen Pharmaceutica intended Propulsid use for patients suffering from acid reflux conditions, as well as increase gastric emptying and prevent constipation.  The drug also sought to increase the strength of the esophagus to prevent the acid reflux conditions.  Propulsid, however, has been linked to over eighty deaths in patients stemming from heart related conditions following use of Propulsid.  Additionally, a disproportionate number of the fatalities linked to Propulsid involve infants being administered the drug.

Propulsid Claims and Lawsuits

In 2004, Johnson and Johnson, which was the parent company of Janssen Pharmaceutica, agreed to settle class action claims against the company for drug liability claims related to Propulsid at a rate of ninety million dollars.  However, many individual claimants did not agree with the settlement offer, and in turn, have proceeded to pursue individual claims in the federal courts against the makers and marketers of Propulsid.  Claims against Propulsid often include misinformation regarding the heart risks posed by the drug, but also, misuse of the drug by paediatricians and others in charge of the care of infants.  In one study, nearly one in five premature infants were administered Propulsid.  Again, fatalities and other permanent heart damage claims have been directly linked to Propulsid use in the past.

Legal Help from a Lawyer

Currently, the most realistic means of acquiring any compensation for damages incurred while using Propulsid will require filing an individual claim against the company in the federal courts system.  Filing drug liability claims in the federal courts will require the assistance of attorney, and in turn, this attorney will represent client interests in simple filing procedures through negotiations and settlement arrangements with the makers and marketers of Propulsid.

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