Paxil Side Effects and Lawsuits

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Paxil, which is known as Paroxetine Hydrochloride as well, is a well-known SSRI prescription medication used in the treatment of a litany of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, panic, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive behavior.  GSK, or GlaxoSmithKline, is the manufacturer of Paxil, which received FDA approval in 1992.  Since the mid-2000’s, Paxil has come under increased FDA scrutiny for a litany of claims, and in 2006, GSK voluntarily has applied a black box warning label to Paxil prescriptions in light of adverse health claims related to treatment under the drug.

Risks and Symptoms of Paxil

Over the years, it has been established that virtually any person taking Paxil, regardless of demographic or pre-existing health status, is at serious risk for potentially fatal health side effects.  The most common claims include increases in risk of suicide while taking the drug, as well as increased suicidal ideation.  The younger an individual taking Paxil, the more noticeable increase in risk to suicidal behavior and gestures while on Paxil became.  Additionally, pregnant women taking Paxil were alerted to an increase number of babies being born with PPHN, or persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn, following taking Paxil during pregnancy.  Additional concerns  regarding Paxil include the high risk the drug poses if accidentally or intentionally used in conjunction with other common mental health prescription drugs, which may cause a rapid and irregular heart beat in patients. 

Paxil Claims and Lawsuits

The commonly cited claims against GSK and Paxil stem from wrongful death related to suicide while taking Paxil, as well as disfiguring, disabling, or permanent damage, or paxil induced birth injuries done to patients by themselves during attempted suicide while taking Paxil. Class actions against Paxil have already been settled in some states, however, more class action cases are occurring currently, as well as individual claims.  Another separate branch of class claims against Paxil are the result of mothers with newborns damaged during pregnancy while the mother used Paxil. 

Legal Help from a Lawyer

Paxil and GSK have already acknowledged their liability in some state class action suits through legal proceedings and settlement agreements with claimant.  Not all claims have been settled, nor have all class actions against the company been resolved.  If you have suffered medical or personal damage while taking Paxil, including increased aggressive or violent behavior that is uncharacteristic of you, seek advice from an attorney about your potential right to claim compensation for damages.

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