Ketek Side Effects and Lawsuits

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Ketek, which is otherwise known as telithromycin, is made by the company Sanofi-Aventis for the treatment of bacterial infections in the respiratory system, such as pneumonia and bronchitis.  The company obtained FDA approval to distribute the drug in April of 2004.  Ketek, which is an antibiotic, does not treat viral respiratory illnesses in patients.  Since the release of Ketek, the FDA has intervened with warnings regarding the use of the drug following complaints by healthcare professionals and claims by patients stating the drug caused severe liver disease, liver damage, and hepatitis.  Since then, the FDA has issued two important warnings regarding the use of Ketek.

 Risks and Symptoms of Ketek

The antibiotic drug Ketek exposes patients to risks such as liver disease, liver damage, and hepatitis.  The FDA has noted that patients also showed an increased risk of live failure and injury while taking Ketek, but according to FDA officials, the benefits presented by Ketek were sufficient to allow the drug to remain on the market in light of these problems.  Healthcare professionals were issued a warning by the FDA in July of 2006 stating that patients taking Ketek should be watched for skin discoloration, jaundice, and other conditions symptomatic of liver injuries.  Then, in early 2007, the FDA mandated that Ketek no longer be utilized in the treatment of bronchitis or sinusitis, and on top of this, Ketek was issued a black box warning label by the FDA regarding the potentially lethal side effects.  Currently, Ketek is approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of bacterial pneumonia in patients that do not have pre-existing conditions, such as myasthenia gravis.     

Ketek Claims and Lawsuits

Ketek has been associated with death of at least eighteen patients and been linked to liver damage in another one hundred and eighty-four according to FDA reports from 2007.  Furthermore, hundreds of plaintiffs have joined a class action suit against the Sanofi-Aventis, the makers of Ketek, revolving around the company’s failure to warn consumers of the risks posed to the public taking the drug.  Further claims are expected from patients harmed by the drug as well.

Legal Help from a Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been harmed by using Ketek, there are legal resources available to retain your right to compensation.  In some cases, patients suffer from grievous enough damage to their liver that costly medical care is required until a transplant is possible.  Other cases involve acute medical issues stemming from liver toxicity due to use of Ketek.  In the worst cases, patients have actually died as the result of medical complications stemming from Ketek.  Speaking with an attorney as soon as possible following any injury sustained as the result of Ketek use is highly advisable.

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