Dexatrim Side Effects and Lawsuits

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dexatrim, which has been sold under dozens of names in the past, is marketed as a dietary supplement.  The makers of Dexatrim altered the formula of the dietary supplement several times in the past, which included removal of ephedra and phenylpropanolamine.  Phenylpropanolamine, otherwise known as PPA, has been linked to numerous claims of the fatal condition of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, stroke, and heart attack.  Ephedra has also been linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke, among other complaints.  The FDA has since noted the dangers posed by PPA, as well as ephedra, and issued warnings to consumers about the dangers of the products and limiting their availability.  Since the FDA’s official Public Health Advisory, the makers of Dexatrim have removed both PPA and Ephedra from their products.  Numerous lawsuits have been linked to both Ephedra and PPA, including specific ones detailing drug liability claims against Dexatrim.

Risks and Symptoms of Dexatrim

The inherent dangers of Dexatrim include the common ingredients of ephedra and PPA, which were both at one time part of the drug.  Both ingredients are linked to increased blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, strokes, and habit-forming properties.  Initially, companies marketed Dexatrim as a cold relief, nasal decongestant over the counter medication to consumers, but also, took on use as a weight loss supplement.  The amphetamine-like properties of Ephedra and the drug Dexatrim were downplayed for the propensity to be habit forming as well.  A direct link between Dexatrim use and hemorrhagic stroke was established, which stated a nearly sixteen-fold risk of this occurring in patients taking Dexatrim.  Dexatrim is also linked to irregular or increased heart rates in users, which causes medical issues including overstimulation of the cardiovascular and nervous system, resulting in death.

Dexatrim Claims and Lawsuits

Dexatrim is currently available to consumers in an over the counter form under over a dozen names, however, the components of ephedra and PPA are removed from existing products.  Claims stemming from use of Dexatrim prior to the removal of these ingredients, however, are prevalent in the federal courts system.  In fact, suits against Dexatrim include drug liability claims such as wrongful death, permanent medical damage, and addiction.  Other claims include damages to the nervous and cardiovascular systems in patients having taken Dexatrim.  Chattem Inc., which is the maker of Dexatrim, has noted in federal courts the allowance of up to twenty-five million dollars to resolve claims and judgments relating to their product.

Legal Help from a Lawyer

An attorney can assist client detrimentally affected by Dexatrim use through searching for their potential right to be included in class action settlements against Chattem, Inc.  Additionally, Dexatrim users also have the right to make individual drug liability claims against the makers of Dexatrim as well. 

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