Chantix Side Effects and Liability

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chantix, which is also known as Champix abroad, is used in the treatment of stopping nicotine and smoking addition.  The marketers of the drug, Pfizer, received an expedited review from the FDA for Chantix, which at the time was known as Varenicline. Chantix entered the American marketplace in August of 2006 after obtaining FDA approval in May of 2006.  Since the first use of the drug by consumer patients, various reports of complications have been noted by medical professionals.  These complications pose serious health consequences for patients, as well as other individuals not even taking the medication.  Thus far, the FDA has initially looked into claims against Chantix, and as of late 2009, the FDA has required Chantix, otherwise known as Varenicline, to have an FDA black box warning label.

 Risks and Symptoms of Chantix

The risks associated with Chantix are as varied as they are pervasive.  According to FDA and independent medical research into Chantix, a slew of complications including diabetes, low glycemic levels, heart rhythm disturbances, vision problems, seizures, and motor skill disorders are were reported in patients.  Additional research shows that Chantix has reported more claims of serious side effects than any other prescription medication on the market.  The most sinister side effects noted by the FDA are those related to mental health and stability of patients while taking Chantix.  Numerous reports of suicidal behavior, suicidal thoughts, violent behavior, and attempted homicide were noted by the FDA, law enforcement, and independent medical review boards.  With this being known, Chantix is one of the few prescription medications that poses an immediate threat to patients and non-patients. 

Chantix Claims and Lawsuits

Thus far, since the start of 2009, Pfizer and their drug Chantix have come under FDA scrutiny, and following studies, were mandated to carry a black box warning label noting increases in depression, suicidal tendencies, and homicidal actions.  Lawsuits stemming from consumption of Chantix revolve around wrongful death claims related to suicide and homicide, severe injury or permanent damage due to suicide attempts, onset diabetes claims, and several neurological and skin disorders.  Individual suits have been filed, and in time, class action against Pfizer and other companies affiliated with Chantix are expected to occur.

Legal Help from a Lawyer

At this point in time, victims of Chantix medical complications should immediately notify their medical doctors, as well as consult with a drug liability attorney.  Comprehensive collection of evidence done by attorneys and your medical doctors will only serve to bolster claims in the future against the makers and marketers of Chantix, as well as ensure your right to compensation claims in future class actions.

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