Baycol Recall and Side Effects

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In 1997, the cholesterol-lowering drug Baycol was approved for use in the United States by the FDA.  Baycol works in lowering cholesterol through blocking specific enzymes needed for the creation of cholesterol.  However, in August of 2001, the makers of Baycol, Bayer Pharmaceutical Division, voluntarily took Baycol off the market due to widespread health concerns.  The drug Baycol had been linked to fatal forms of rhabdomyolysis, which was linked to the deaths of several patients while taking Baycol.   The total number of death linked to Baycol at the time the drug was removed from the marketed was 52 deaths.

Risks and Symptoms of Baycol

The dangers of Baycol lie in the complications attributed to the taking of the drug, including prominently rhabdomyolysis, which is a medical condition causing the breakdown of muscle cells and letting them enter the bloodstream.  After the voluntary recall of the drug, Bayer Pharmaceutical Division suffered a slew of legal claims resulting from wrongful death suits related to Baycol.  The company also faced other damage claims relating to patients who were harmed, but did not die.  Bayer, in estimates, faces more than twelve thousand drug liability claims stemming from Baycol. 

Baycol Claims and Lawsuits

Baycol makers addressed the legal claims against the company through allotting compensation for patients that could substantially prove their damage claims and link them to Baycol usage.  If proven, the company willing offered these individual settlements, however, for less than clearly connected cases, Baycol refused to settle with the claimants and forced them to go to trial.  In two ensuing trials, Baycol won verdicts in their favor in light of plaintiff claims, and in turn, many of the suits against the company dissipated.  In addition, Bayer made several small settlements with dozens of state in the amounts of single figure millions for misleading or omissions in marketing of Baycol.

Legal Help from a Lawyer

In order to pursue legal action for damages occurring while using Baycol, patients must patently show their medical damages were directly resultant from the use of Baycol.  Additionally, there may be other legal approaches that an attorney may see as a means of obtaining compensation from the Bayer company for your damages and economic losses in some cases.  Without consulting with a drug liability attorney, patients will most likely never be able to make any claim for compensation in the future from Bayer regarding Baycol.

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