Honda Recalls and Lawsuit

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In 2008, Honda issued a recall of 2001 and 2002 model year automobiles. Since 2008, Honda has continued to issue the recall, each time including additional models to the list of recalled automobiles. This recall was aimed at replacing the driver’s airbag inflator.

Recalls with Honda Vehicles

The Honda recall sought to eliminate the risk of injury or death caused by faulty airbag inflators in existing 2001 and 2002 model year vehicles.  The inflators could possibly deploy with excessive pressure, leading to a rupture of the inflator’s casing.  The rupture of the casing would then send metal pieces throughout the airbag cushioning, which could cause significant airbag injury or death.  The recall applied to Honda Accord, Civic, Odyssey, CR-V and selected Acura TL vehicles.  Owners of these vehicles were mailed a notice of the defect and advised to bring their automobiles into the nearest Honda dealer repair center in order to have the defect immediately corrected at no charge.

Liability of the Manufacturer

An automobile manufacturer is responsible for placing a safe vehicle into the marketplace.  Therefore, if an automobile is defective, the manufacturer is subject to liability if an individual incurs damages as a result of the defect.  In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or “NHTSA,” sets the safety standards for motor vehicles in the United States and the manufacturer must adhere to these standards.  Failure to adhere to these regulations and producing defective motor vehicles can result in liability.

What to Do if You Are Injured

If one is injured in an accident with an airbag inflator in one of the recalled Honda automobiles, one should consider contacting an experienced products liability attorney as soon as possible following the accident.  The products liability attorney can not only review one’s legal rights, but also one can direct one as to one’s legal options.  In addition, the attorney can assist in preserving any specific course of action one may have in the particular matter.

How a Products Liability Lawyer Can Help

Products liability can be a complex area of the law.  A products liability lawyer will have the expertise necessary to easily sort through the details and determine what legal remedies one may have available.  In addition, a seasoned products liability attorney will understand any new legal, technical and scientific developments that can impact the outcome of your legal case and help to design arguments to bolster your case around these developments.  Finally, a products liability attorney will have the resources necessary to appropriately develop and refine your case such that you can obtain the most advantageous outcome.