Can I be held liable for serving bad fast food as a worker that causes a customer problems?

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Question: I work at a fast food restaurant. When it gets really busy, sometimes we don’t follow the guidelines and let food sit out for longer than it should and just reheat it if we don’t have time to make new food. For example, when fries get cold and sit out too long, we just reheat them in the oil. The same goes for meat that has been sitting out.  Can I get in trouble if someone gets sick?

Response: If someone does get violently ill from eating at your fast food restaurant and they can somehow investigate the matter to find out that you were the one that served the food, you may be partly liable to the injured individual. However, for the most part, the restaurant managers and the restaurant itself will be liable as they did not follow the guidelines set out for the restaurant and by food health inspectors. Nevertheless, make sure that if you manage a restaurant or you’re actually the one making the food, that you are following the food guidelines for your restaurant as closely as possible.

Answered by Marina Ricci

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