Zicam Side Effects and Recall: Get Legal Help

The drug Zicam, manufactured by the company Matrixx Initiatives, has been voluntarily recalled across the country by the manufacturer because of a recent warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration. The Food and Drug Administration, following a rash of complaints and an investigation, found that Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal products have caused some consumers to lose their sense of taste and smell after one use or after a prolonged use of the drug. Patients suffering from side effects of the drug should be medically examined immediately by a doctor and then consult an attorney to begin building a case against Matrixx Initiatives regarding their drug Zicam.

Side Effects of Zicam - Loss of Smell

When building a case against the manufacturer of Zicam the attorney will want to know each side effect that the client suffered from or continues to suffer from because of Zicam. Side effects from Zicam include the following:

  • Temporary Loss of Smell
  • Potentially Permanent Loss of Smell
  • Ear, nose, or throat sensitivity
  • Susceptible to nose bleeds
  • Temporary discomfort such as burning, stinging, sneezing or increased nasal discharge
  • Sniffing up the gel into the nose can cause irritation
  • Having the product come into contact with the eyes can cause irritation

Do not share the use of one container with another person because this might spread infection

Children using the product should have their parents consult a doctor prior to use

Consulting an Attorney

When it has been medically determined that a consumer of the drug Zicam has suffered a loss of their sense of smell or taste that consumer should consult an attorney regarding their case. When deciding on which attorney to hire the victim of the drug Zicam should consult with a variety of different attorneys before choosing the final attorney to represent him or her in their fight against Matrixx Initiatives. The initial consultation should include a lot of talking by the client and a lot of listening by the attorney. The attorney should also take copious notes about the case. The client should tell the attorney their entire story so that they can build a proper case against the company. The attorney chosen by the client should make him or her feel comfortable when meeting and should not make the client feel like they do not know anything about the case or the local laws.

Hiring an Attorney

The client searching for an attorney can perform their search on the Internet, in the Yellow Pages, and by word of mouth. The client should consult with at least five different attorneys to get a better grasp on which one has the most experience with filing lawsuits against major corporations. Once the list is whittled down to two attorneys the client should meet with the final two choices one more time to make sure each one meets the client’s requirements and wishes. Once the attorney is hired to represent the client with their lawsuit a legal fee can be determined as well as a traveling fee for the attorney.

Building a Case Against Zicam

Once the search has been completed and the attorney has been hired by the client the case should be built from the ground up. The attorney will need to acquire the medical records of the client from his or her medical examination following the use of the drug Zicam. The medical records will be able to prove whether or not the client was actually hurt as a result of using the drug Zicam. The attorney will also try to find other individuals suffering from the same problems as their current client to help make a stronger case against the manufacturer of Zicam.

Harmed by Zicam? Get Help Now

Zicam has been marketed widely, without FDA approval, as a cure for colds and stuffed nasal passages. Due to it's being sold without proper testing, many consumers are suffering damage to their sense of smell and other problems. Contact a lawyer if you've been affected by this recall. You may be eligible to receive compensation.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

In most cases involving class action product liability lawsuits such as the one filed against Matrixx Initiatives, an attorney will be required to represent clients. Most courts will not recognize individuals representing themselves in a class action lawsuit against a drug manufacturer. It is always safe to consult an attorney for these types of cases to obtain the best legal representation possible.

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