Dangers and Side Effects of Reglan

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Reglan, a drug that is often prescribed for those suffering from diabetic gastroparesis, has been found to cause dangerous side-effects, despite the fact that the Food and Drug Administration gave its approval of Reglan in 1995.  Now, up to 30% of those who have taken Reglan for one year or longer have suffered symptoms related to Tardive Dyskinesia.

Symptoms of Tardive Dyskinesia include: 

Involuntary movements of the face, mouth, tongue and jaw.
Uncontrolled movement of hands and fingers
Smacking of the lips
Fast and frequent eye blinking
Involuntary facial grimacing

These severe side-effects prompted the FDA to order manufacturers to issue a black-box warning that warns of these risks that can be produced by high-dosage use or long-term use.

These symptoms are rarely reversible and as of now there is no known treatment.

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