Problems with Chinese Drywall

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It is obvious to everyone that we are in a housing crisis today.  The real estate market is suffering, and so are homeowners by the thousands.  However, some homeowners have an additional housing crisis to contend with.  The crisis resulting from defective drywall that is diminishing the value of their homes, damaging their health, and deteriorating their fixtures.  It has been discovered that a great deal of drywall was imported from China in the last few years, some as a result of the building boom and some as a result of the rebuilding process after hurricanes Rita, Katrina, and Wilma.  That drywall was made from materials that deteriorate under the heat and humidity of summer months, particularly those in Florida, and cause damage and injury in homes.  Those who have suffered because of this defective drywall have the right to sue the liable parties and be compensated for their losses.

Defective Chinese Drywall

Testing has found that the drywall imported from China during the years 2001 to 2007 was not manufactured with the gypsum normally used in drywall in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, but may have been manufactured with the fly ash residue which is, in actuality, merely the waste material gleaned from the chimneys of power plants using coal.

Studies show that some drywall gives off a hydrogen sulfide smell similar to that of rotten eggs that grows stronger in heat and humidity.  Congress has ordered the Department of Housing and Urban Development to do more testing to determine the toxicity of Chinese drywall and the effects it has had on homes and inhabitants.

Side Effects

To date, there are a number of reported effects of this hydrogen sulfide from Chinese Drywall, including:

  • Eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Bloody noses
  • Respiratory distress
  • Other symptoms resembling bronchitis and asthma

In addition, homeowners have identified other Chinese drywall problems, such as:

  • Black and corroded wiring
  • Black and corroded piping
  • Air conditioning that requires constant care and replacement
  • Tarnished silver jewelry

The results show homeowners have seen already diminished property values suffer even further.  Some insurers are questioning whether to continue to carry homeowners who file claims for damage due to Chinese drywall and are fighting current claims for damages due to these problems.  It is estimated that before all is said and done, they may find that over 100,000 homes are affected by defective Chinese drywall and its effects.

Not only can the hydrogen sulfide affect those living in a home, it can migrate to the contents of the home as well.  Therefore, those buying furniture and personal property at garage sales and second hand stores may also be in for a cruel surprise.

Legal Help

Many homeowners are seeking help from lawyers who are familiar with the Chinese drywall problem to sue builders, contractors, suppliers, and more.  In fact, some class action suits have already been filed so that homeowners can receive compensation for their losses and suffering.  

While there is no complete explanation of where the hydrogen sulphide odours and corrosion come from, the fact is, it exists and it is causing medical and financial problems for thousands of people across the country.  The highest concentrations of these cases have been found in Florida and Virginia so far, but more are sure to come from all across the country.  If you have found these problems in your home, contact a product liability lawyer who is familiar with the Chinese drywall problem and can help you recover the damages you have to right to obtain.