Maclaren Baby Strollers Recalled

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British Stroller manufacturer, MacLaren, has initiated a voluntary recall of every Umbrella Folding Stroller the company has sold in the US in the last ten years, due to a design defect that could potentially sever or severely injured a baby's finger.

Reportedly, the hinge mechanism of the stroller has a design defect that, when folding, could pose a serious finger amputation hazard to the baby occupant.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC, in a joint announcement with MacLaren, stated that all affected strollers have been recalled to prevent this type of injury from occuring.

The announcement included the following warning for consumers using the stroller: “Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.”

Due to US product liability laws, it is likely that lawsuits stemming from such injuries are likely to begin appearing in US courts. Anyone affected by the recall is advised to contact a product liability lawyer immediately to seek compensation for any medical damages, as well as other compensatory awards.