Ocean Technology Systems Recalls Guardian Full-Face Diving Masks

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A recall of about 1,780 Guardian full-face diving masks by Undersea Systems (also known as Ocean Technology Systems) of Santa Ana, CA is due to the ability of the purge assembly to disengage from the regulator, resulting in loss of air to the diver.  This poses a severe drowning hazard to consumers. As a result, serious personal injury lawsuits can arise placing liability on the manufacturer for injury to consumers.

These masks were manufactured in Taiwan.

How to Identify if Your Mask has been Recalled

Check the serial number of your diving mask for the following numbers: 9051284 through 100070954. The serial number is printed on the main regulator body. The diving masks were sold in black with blue accent colors. The logo of Ocean Technology Systems' can be found on the front of the mask.

If the serial number on your masks matches one of the recalled products STOP using the diving mask and contact Ocean Technology Systems for information on conducting a examination of your unit and returning the mask for a complimentary repair.

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