Graco Highchair Recall

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Graco Children’s Products Inc. has issued a recall for its popular HarmonyTM High Chairs. The recall was prompted by numerous reports of a potentially dangerous defect, including at least 24 reports of injured children. The defect can cause the high chairs to topple over, throwing small children to ground. The recall covers Harmony High Chairs manufactured from November 2003 to December 2009.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, if your family has a Harmony High Chair, stop using it immediately.

Problems with Gracos High Chairs

There are two separate problems with Graco’s high chair. First, the screws holding the front legs can loosen and fall out, causing the legs to collapse. Second, the plastic bracket for the rear legs can crack, also causing the chair to topple.

High Chair Defects

Most of the time, a recall or a product liability lawsuit is based on one of the following types of defects:

  • A design defect, which means the product was designed badly from the outset and is dangerous regardless of how well it is put together. For example, a step ladder with a too-narrow base would be a design defect, since it would be inherently unstable.
  • A manufacturing defect, which means that the design is fundamentally sound, but poor-quality materials or bad manufacturing processes were used to create the product. Using watered-down concrete is an example of a construction manufacturing defect.

At present, it’s unclear what kind of defect is involved in the Graco high chair recall, though the company’s own blog suggest a design defect. The blog says that Graco is taking steps to “assess and enhance our internal design review process.” For example, maybe the rear bracket as designed is too thin, or perhaps more or longer screws should have been used to hold the front legs.

Claims against Defective Graco High Chairs

There have been almost 500 reports of Harmony high chairs failing. There have also been injuries reported to two-dozen children. So far, the worst of the reported injuries is a broken arm, but as any parent knows, any bump or knock to the head of a small child is potentially serious—and there have been blows to the head as children fall.

Liability of Graco for Injuries

If your child is not injured, then the company’s step of providing repair kits should be sufficient—that will make good your purchase of the high chair. But if your child is injured, they could be liable for medical costs, for your child’s pain and suffering, or for other out-of-pocket losses or expenses incurred by your family, such as lost wages from time spent caring for an injured child, or the cost of any necessary orthopedic devices or physical therapy.

Help from a Product Liability Attorney

If your child has suffered injury from this defect, you should consult with a product liability or personal injury attorney. A lawyer can help you understand the company’s liability and also the compensation to which you and your child may be entitled.