Zyprexa Side Effects and Lawsuits

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zyprexa, which is otherwise known as Olanzapine, is a medication previously utilized in the treatment of mental health disorders.  The drug is known as an atypical antipsychotic, which are used commonly in the management of bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, major depressive disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobia, and generalize anxiety disorder.   The makers of Zyprexa, Eli Lilly and Company, began marketing the drug following FDA approval in 1996, and Zyprexa quickly became one of the most commonly used mental health drugs in the American market.   Over time, however, patients and medical professionals began noting a slew of disorders directly attributed to Zyprexa’s tendency to increase blood sugar levels, including diabetes, obesity, and hyperglycemia.  In early 2005, the FDA finally responded other claims by medical professionals against Zyprexa, noting that there was a direct correlation between elderly patients taking Zyprexa for dementia and increased levels of death.   Currently, Zyprexa remains one of the most commonly used mental health drugs, despite multiple settlements by Eli Lilly and Company.

Risks and Symptoms of Zyprexa

The most commonly associated risks attributed to Zyprexa include rapid weight gain, lack of appetite control, increased blood sugar, diabetes, and obesity.  The drug has also been linked to risks for stroke in older patients taking Zyprexa for dementia.  Additionally, though it is not approved for use by children, the drug has shown a high risk of increased suicide and suicidal gestures by minors taking the drug.  Eli Lilly and Company has settled claims involving Zyprexa mainly regarding the failure to warn consumers of the known risks associated with Zyprexa’s tendency to increase blood sugar levels.

Zyprexa Claims and Lawsuits

Eli Lilly and Company has settled numerous claims stemming from damages due to Zyprexa use in the past.  Some of the notable Zyprexa lawsuits, class action suits, and claims settlements include thirty-two thousand claims against Eli Lilly regarding illegal marketing of off label use of Zyprexa.  The company paid out a record nearly one and half billion dollars in settlements and government fines.  This does not cover the costs of all Zyprexa claims, which include nearly twelve thousand unresolved claims stemming from misleading or omissions in the marketing of Zyprexa regarding the risks of increased blood sugar and diabetes.  These massive tort actions taken by users of Zyprexa are in addition to other forms of individual claims that were not made part of the class actions against Eli Lilly and Company.

Legal Help from a Lawyer

Persons injured or harmed through the use of Zyprexa, or their loved ones in the case of wrongful death claims, may still be able to file claims against Eli Lilly successfully with the assistance of an attorney.  Not all medical complications from the drug, including diabetes, are immediately present following use of the drug, therefore, some claims may fall under a statute of limitations starting at the date that damages were actually learned by patients.  An attorney can assist claimants in obtaining the compensation they deserve following medical problems related to taking Zyprexa.

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