Pondimin Side Effects and Lawsuits

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pondimin is one of the key components of several anorectic drugs, including Fen-Phen.  Pondimin is also marketed under the name of Fenfluramine, which equates to the “Fen” portion of the Fen-Phen drug.  The FDA initially approved Pondimin as a short-term appetite suppressant drug in 1973, however, since then,  numerous off-label forms of usage occurred, typically solely for long-term cosmetic weight loss and fat burning.  In July of 1997, however, the FDA and several reputed medical organizations brought to consumer’s attention the dangers posed by Pondimin use, and in turn, the FDA stated consumers should immediately cease taking the drug.  This warning was resultant from findings that directly linked Pondimin use, through Fen-Phen and other weight loss drugs, to aortic heart valve conditions in nearly thirty percent of patients screened.  Furthermore, with the dangers already apparent, the drug also showed propensity to cause cardiac fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension in patients.

Risks and Symptoms of Pondimin

The dangers of taking Pondimin and other combination medications using Pondimin result from pulmonary hypertension and other heart conditions, which were shown to have an exponentially higher occurrence in patients using Pondimin.  These conditions proved fatal in some cases, while others posed long-term health detriments to patients, including requiring heart transplants.

Pondimin Claims and Lawsuits

Since the removal of Fen-Phen and other drugs including Pondimin in their mixtures, the makers of these drugs, Wyeth, have incurred nearly fifty thousand drug liability lawsuits, including many large class actions, as well.  The company has since paid out an estimated fourteen billion dollars in settlements to claimants, and a number of claimants still have not had their claims resolved.  The drug Fen-Phen and several other forms of Pondimin are currently no longer available in American markets.  Wyeth, which is a publicly traded company, has noted in their financial records that a total of twenty-one billion dollars was allotted to settle drug liability claims resulting from Pondimin, Fen-Phen, and related drugs, which were proven to cause permanent heart damage in patients.

Legal Help from a Lawyer

Given the huge scope of the drug liability claims stemming from Pondimin and other drugs against Wyeth and other pharmaceutical companies, federal courts have combined many suits into class actions against the company.  Additionally, having a large team of attorneys, such as in class action cases, is essential given the amount of losses a drug company stands to face, which will result in them allotting significant amounts of money and resources towards defending claims.  Having an attorney simply review your claim, as well as direct you into the appropriate form of action against companies, whether through class actions, individual claims, and other considerations is important.  A drug liability attorney may also help determine if your case presents new or otherwise unknown dangers stemming from Pondimin use, including opening further class action claims against the makers and marketers of the drug.

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