Fluvoxamine Side Effects and Lawsuits

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Fluvoxamine is part of a relatively large division of mental health medications known as SSRIs, or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, which in the case of Fluvoxamine, is indented to treat patients suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, otherwise known as OCD.  Fluvoxamine is a generic form of drug available on the markets today, but the medication requires FDA mandated box warnings regarding the inherent risks with the drug, most notably, suicidal behavior and thoughts.  The FDA has also issued a number of other serious warnings about Fluvoxamine, which if not followed, may jeopardize the lives of patients, as it has done in the past.

 Risks and Symptoms of Fluvoxamine

The premier risk associated with taking Fluvoxamine is increased risk of suicide among patients.  The FDA has noted an increase risk of suicide, suicidal behavior, and suicidal ideation affiliated with the drug Fluvoxamine.  Additionally, mothers taking Fluvoxamine while pregnant face passing along to their child a condition known as PPHN, or persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn, which restricts the normal flow of oxygen to a babies’ body.  Children and adolescents taking Fluvoxamine are at the highest risk for suicidality according to the FDA warning in 2004.  Additional concerns revolve around medical complications, which are and can be lethal, known as serotonin syndrome, which occurs when SRRIs are combined with some forms of migraine medications by accident.

Fluvoxamine Claims and Lawsuits

Fluvoxamine lawsuits and class actions are typically grouped into other class actions involving other similar SSRI drugs that result in harm to patients.  The two distinct groups of suit filed against these companies are those claiming the company knew of risks associated with worsening depression and increased risk of suicide, which led to the death of a loved one or damage in a suicide attempt by oneself.  The other group are those mothers contributing unknowingly taking Fluvoxamine and similar drugs during pregnancy, which led to their child being born with PPHN.  These claims exist both in the United States and in Canada.

Legal Help from a Lawyer

Given the large and complex nature of drug liability claims cases, it is essential to have an attorney represent your case.  Being proactive in seeking legal counsel, as well as assisting in medical documentation and other evidentiary gathering is helpful, but it requires a legal professional to handle claims cases.  Patients taking Fluvoxamine and other SRRIs that have experienced increases in suicidal thoughts or behavior resulting in damage , or mothers with children suffering from PPHN, should consult with attorney right away to consider your rights to make compensation claims.

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