Diclofenac Side Effects and Lawsuits

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Diclofenac is a generic prescription drug used as anti-inflammatory agent, as well as in pain management.  Diclofenac is also marketed and sold under various names, such as Voltaren, Arthrotec, and Cataflam.  Most often, patients taking any of these medications are seeking to mitigate pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.  Other uses include acute pain management during menstrual cycles.   Even short-term use of Diclofenac products has been shown to cause hepatic toxicity, liver damage, and risk of heart attack and stroke at a higher rate than patients not using the medication. 

Risks and Symptoms of Diclofenac

Diclofenac , by nature, is a drug often used for management of chronic pain and inflammation.  Given the continual usage of this drug by patients, increase risk is natural.  However, medical reports have recently begun indicating a high propensity of Diclofenac users that experience liver toxicity related conditions, including permanent liver damage requiring transplant.  Other risks for long-term use include increase susceptibility to experience heart attacks and strokes.  Claims that the drug is also responsible for ulcers patients have also been made.  Since 2005, Diclofenac has carried a black box warning reiterating the risks of cardiovascular health issues associated with taking the drug.

Diclofenac Claims and Lawsuits

Since the 2005 black box warning label and following indications of ulcers and liver toxicity, various individual drug liability claims have been filed against makers and marketers of Diclofenac, both in the generic and non-generic form.  Claims stem from damages incurred while taking Diclofenac, as well as the marketer’s failure of duty in warning consumers of the risk that the drug posed.  Other claims of heightened cardiac risks for patients are also noted by medical professionals, which further enhance the grounds for drug liability claims to be filed.  In non-human related claims, animals administered with Diclofenac and later consumed by other animals, including especially vultures, have been shown to regularly die as the result of poisoning from Diclofenac.

Legal Help from a Lawyer

Individuals interested in having lawsuits filed against the various makers and marketers of Diclofenac should seek counsel from an attorney before taking any action.  In many cases, the relatively recent revelations of the detrimental side effects of Diclofenac have only began a slow process of filing legal claims against companies, as well as organizing class actions.  Speaking with attorney about your specific claims and Diclofenac case will only ensure your future right to claim compensation in event of settlements and other revelations regarding this unsafe medication.

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