Depo Provera

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depo provera is an injectable contraceptive used in hormonal birth control for women.  The maker of Depo Provera, Pfizer, has been inundated with drug liability claims against the drug since the company was forced to provide a black box warning label to their Depo Provera products sold in the United States, following an FDA mandate in November of 2004.  The black box warning came following numerous substantiated allegations that Depo Provera caused undue amounts of bone density loss in women taking the contraceptive.  Other claims have noted that it is not known whether this bone density loss is permanent or reversible if Depo Provera use is ceased.  The makers of Depo Provera and the FDA have gone on record stating the extended use of Depo Provera for more than two years is not recommended. 

Risks and Symptoms of Depo Provera

Depo Provera mainly poses risk to women in the form of bone density loss.  This can lead to osteoporosis in relatively young women, osteopenia, fractures, increased risk of breast cancer, increased risk of other cancers, and mineral loss.  Some common symptoms affiliated with Depo Provera complications include loss of bone density, but also, alterations or yellowing of the skin and eyes.  Depo Provera comes with a black box warning label currently; however, millions of women regularly injected themselves with Depo Provera with no knowledge of the risk of bone loss prior to the FDA mandated warning in 2004. Medical professionals  also known that the longer a patient has used Depo Provera, the more likely that individual will suffer from extensive bone loss. 

Depo Provera Claims and Lawsuits

Before the FDA mandated black box warning label on Depo Provera and since, female claimants have filed claims stemming from bone loss while using the drug.  Additionally, drug negligence claims against Pfizer stem from the company’s failure to warn consumers of the inherent risks of bone loss and other serious medical complications from taking Depo Provera.  Also, claims that the drug was initially intended for indefinite use, but today, has mandates allowing for only two years of use due to bone loss are also common grounds for drug liability claims. Furthermore, women taking Depo Provera have been shown to have an increased risk for breast cancer.  Given the failure to warn consumers about these risks and potential damages, Pfizer is named as a defendant in numerous Depo Provera claims and class actions in both Canada and the United States.

Legal Help from a Lawyer

An attorney may be able to assist clients in retaining compensation for medical damages sustained while taking Depo Provera.  Pfizer has since settled several class action suits regarding Depo Provera, however, individual claims against the company are still a viable option in some cases.  Consulting with a drug liability attorney can help clients ascertain whether they have viable claims against the makers of Depo Provera. 

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