How Much Does a Product Liability Lawyer Cost?

Many people are unsure about hiring a product liability lawyer to help them with an injury caused by a dangerous or defective product; fearing they cannot afford one. You would be surprised to know that almost every product liability attorney works on a constituency fee basis.

What is a Contingency Fee?

A contingency fee means that the attorney does not charge the client the usual hourly fees. Instead, he or she will take on the case at no cost initially, and take a percentage of the compensation. This allows people who otherwise would be unable to afford legal representation to have a specialized attorney on their side.

How Much will they Take?

The most common percentage for a lawyer working on a contingency fee is 40%. This may sound like a lot, but keep in mind, if the case does not win, the attorney receives zero compensation for their work. Since they are assuming all the risk, they have to be able to make enough on one case, to cover other case where they will receive no money.

The Benefit for Injured People

The obvious benefit for people who have been caused harm by a defective product, is that this removes the barrier to hiring an attorney. Even someone with very little money can have an experienced product liability lawyer fighting for them, and helping them get compensation for their pain and suffering.

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